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  • Email: base64 --decode <<< c3RlcGhlbnBjZ0BnbWFpbC5jb20K
  • Tel: (+86) 158-5697-7094
  • Addr: Dongcheng District, Beijing


  • 2010 - 2013 Master of Engineer of CS, Embedded System, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China (Quited)
  • 2006 - 2010 Bachelor of CS, Universy of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China

Work Experience

  • 2012.03 - 2014.05, System Administrator, Cloudacc Interactive, Inc., Beijing
    • Setup a private deb package repository with reprepro, built deb packages to manage system settings and deploy applications.
    • Bootstrap saltstack to make managing system easier while number of servers bursting. Skilled in saltstack, and have good knowledge of other configuration management systems.
    • Built a CDN system to distribute video files using varnish and nginx, supporting more than 50 Gbps bandwidth at peak time.
    • Setup a web content cache cluster using varnish with complex caching rules, serving up to 500k rps load. Experienced in using and tuning varnish.
    • Developed an HTTP gateway for sending email (postfix as backend) and SMS (smstools as backend), so other applications may send alerts easier.
    • Developed a service checking daemon to make application monitoring easier, as a supplement of nagios.
    • Built and maintained an LXC virtual machine cluster in office, developers can apply for containers in web browser by self. have good knowledge of virtual technologies and tools.
    • Setup and maintained the openldap server for the company, integrated applications with it.
    • Setup and maintained the office gateway - a Debian box with customized iptables and iproute2 rules. Experienced with iptables and iproute2, have good knowledge of networking stack.
    • Developed many other tools and applications with python during two years, proficient in python programming.
  • 2011.09 - 2012.02, System Engineer, Linux Deepin Dev Team, Wuhan
  • Apr-Sep 2010, Intern, Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing
    • Worked on multimedia applications for mobile devices in Multimedia Computing group, mentored by Tao Mei.

Project and Activities

  • nginx-lua-simpleauth-module. This nginx lua module provides a cookie cache for authn results and a group based authz configuration.
  • Personal Package Archive. A ppa with many packages not shipped with debian official repository. It is not advertised since some of the packages are not tested.
  • extend-left-box. A gnome-shell extension to extend left box of top panel. The project discontinued as I no longer use gnome-shell.
  • Early developer of USTC Campus Ethernet Boot Service. A PXE boot service in USTC campus, people can boot their computer via LAN to install Linux, experience distros without installation, repair system, etc. Also made an live debian system which mount an ftp space as home directory so people can boot 'their own' system everywhere.
  • Maintainer of USTC Open Source Mirror. It has the highest traffic among open source mirror sites in China, and is official mirror of many distros and projects, e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, etc. Did a lot of work tuning kernel, filesystem and applications for high traffic load.
  • RoboGame. It is an traditional robot contest in USTC campus. Built a complete robot from scrach with sensors, motors and AVR mega16 chips as controller, in collaboration with 3 other classmates. i was mainly responsible for controlling algorithm design and implementation.

Social Activities (During school days)