May the #! be with you is there!

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Thank jameszhang for providing us with the new powerful machine, so that we have Now I am glad to announce that is CNAME for mirrors.ustc. is now official mirrors for debian, ubuntu, archlinux, fedora, centos, mozilla, gnome, kde, cpan, ctan and deepin linux.

You can access our server via http, ftp and rsync. Due to the limited campus-shared bandwidth, we have to limit bandwidth up to 100mbps on China Telecom interface during peak time (8am~11pm, CST), CERNET/CERNET2 users will not be affected. During off-peak time, there will be no limitations on any interface. So if you want to rsync large data from us, please try to do that in the midnight, to avoid the crowd traffic.

Feel free to contact us via mirrors AT ustc DOT edu DOT cn if you have and problem or suggestions.